OUIBUS coaches are all equipped with the latest technology to guarantee your comfort and safety, while reducing your carbon footprint.


Hi-tech fleet

All OUIBUS coaches are equipped with sequential gear boxes. This type of gearbox avoids lurches when changing gears. It contributes enormously to your comfort during your journey and reduces fuel consumption.


Emergency braking assistance, lane change assistant, cruise control, geo localisation, three-point safety belts, etc. The latest generation OUIBUS coaches make a priority of safety. Did you know that travelling by coach is ten times safer than travelling by car?

Carbon footprint

The first OUIBUS coaches went into circulation in the spring of 2012. They meet the European EURO 5 norms, the strictest environmental norms in force today. Their CO2 emissions are weak.

Why are coaches more ecologically-friendly than cars?

  • Buses consume very little per passenger (9 times less than cars, 7 times less than planes and 3 times less than carpooling);
  • They don’t take up much space on the public highway per person;
  • They use existing infrastructures;
  • They have several lives and are easy to recycle.

Luggage space

When designing OUIBUS coaches, we ensured there was sufficient room for 2 items of luggage per passenger in the hold (depending on availability).