• Can I still travel with iDBUS?

    Henceforth, iDBUS has become OUIBUS. You can travel with OUIBUS, which accepts previously purchased iDBUS and OUIBUS tickets. All new tickets purchased will be OUIBUS tickets.

  • Why are there still iDBUSES on the road?

    Gradually, all iDBUSES will become OUIBUSES. In the meantime, some iDBUSES will remain on the road and will accept passengers with iDBUS and OUIBUS tickets.

  • Will iDBUS tickets be valid on OUIBUS?

    No matter the name of the company on your ticket (iDBUS or OUIBUS), it will be valid as anticipated, on the corresponding OUIBUS route (same date, same time, same destination). No steps need to be taken whatsoever, simply arrive for boarding as planned.

  • Will OUIBUS continue to service international routes such as iDBUS?

    Yes, our international network will continue to function to the same extent.

  • Will the OUIBUS service be different from the iDBUS service?

    No, all the advantages that allow you to travel better will be available now more than ever: comfortable buses, services, Wi-Fi, Captain reception, accessible pricing, practical schedules, etc. And now you can travel to many destinations in France!