• Are the seats in my OUIBUS coach numbered?

    With OUIBUS, embarking is stress-free, as a seat is assigned to each passenger. On some lines, you may choose your seat when reserving your trip. Is it time for you to climb aboard? You may proceed to your reserved seat. Your seat number is indicated in the travel information that was sent to you by email, so remember to take note of it. No need to rush: you are our priority!

  • Can I board/disembark at a different station from the one indicated on my OUIBUS ticket?

    OUIBUS applies different rates to each destination. You must therefore imperatively get on and off your OUIBUS at the stations indicated in your travel information.

  • Does OUIBUS accept animals on board its coaches?

    Animals are not accepted on board, nor in the hold of OUIBUS coaches. Only guide dogs are accepted on board.

  • How do I find my way around the station?

    In Paris and London, you will find screens in the station and on the platforms indicating the bay from which your OUIBUS coach will leave. In the other stations, your bus is located at the address indicated in your travel information.

  • How do we cross the English Channel?

    Most of our buses board trains to cross the English Channel via the Channel Tunnel. Part of the OUIBUS fleet goes by Ferries.

    The total travel time also includes a check at border control and a mandatory break. Learn more about border formalities.

    Would you like to know in advance whether your bus will be taking the Channel Tunnel or a ferry? Feel free to inquire by email or telephone, and we will provide this information if it is available.

  • How do you connect to WiFi on board an OUIBUS?

    Here is how you can connect to WiFi on board an OUIBUS with a Windows PC. It is almost exactly the same on other devices.

    Step 1: Make sure your Wi-Fi is enabled on your computer. Then click on the icon to connect to wireless networks located on the right-hand side of the task bar.

    Step 2: Your computer will display a list of available wireless networks. Click on "WiFi OUIBUS" then click the "Connect" button. Then wait for a few seconds while the loading window below disappears.

    Step 3: If your computer asks you to select the location of "OUIBUS WiFi" network, select "Public Network" and then close the window.

    Step 4: Then open your web browser (the most frequently used are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera). The OUIBUS homepage opens automatically and shows you the conditions of use of the service. After reading, check the "I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions" box and click the "Connect" button.

    Step 5: You are now connected to the OUIBUS Wi-Fi network! You can use the Internet to send emails, check your social networks and much more… If you're running out of battery, do not forget to recharge your computer using the electrical sockets.

    Enjoy your journey on board the OUIBUS!

  • How long before the departure time of the OUIBUS coach should I arrive at the coach station?

    We recommend that you arrive 30 minutes ahead of the time indicated on your travel information. Your driver has the right to refuse you the right to board from 5 minutes prior to departure to ensure that safety procedures can be carried out efficiently.

  • How much luggage can I bring?

    All reservations include the transport of one piece of baggage to be stowed in the cargo hold. You may also stow a second piece of baggage if space in the cargo hold permits (apart from double-decker buses).  To be sure you will be able to stow a second piece of baggage, we recommend that you purchase a "2nd bag guarantee" when you book on You may opt for this up to a half hour before the departure of your OUIBUS.

    All baggage in the cargo hold must comply with the following criteria (except for pushchairs):

    • Dimensions: the total of the bag's three dimensions (length + width + depth) must not exceed 150 cm
    • Weight: 16 kilos maximum
    • Identity tag: all baggage in the cargo hold must carry an identity tag bearing the passenger's first and last name and full address

    You may also bring a handbag and small carry-on bag aboard your OUIBUS (maximum size: 40 cm x 30 cm x 15 cm) that may be stowed in the compartment above your seat or under the seat in front of you.

  • I have lost my identity card. Will I be able to board my OUIBUS?

    A valid identity card is always required in order to board OUIBUS coaches. It must be shown to your captain in order for you to embark. Anyone travelling abroad will also have to present their identity card at the border. If you do not have the necessary documents, you will be refused access to your OUIBUS coach.


    To find out which documents are required in order to cross border, consult the EU website.

  • Is my luggage safe?

    You are responsible for your luggage and your personal belongings. Each item of luggage should be labelled with your surname, first name and address. Before boarding your OUIBUS, luggage should be placed in the hold.

    OUIBUS does everything it can to safeguard your luggage. In the event of loss, theft or damage, please contact your OUIBUS steward for further assistance.

  • Is there a WiFi Internet connection on board each OUIBUS?

    OUIBUS cares about the comfort of its passengers, so it offers a completely free Wi-Fi service on board our coaches. Once you are connected to the service, you may use the Internet without worrying about extra charges to your mobile phone. To enjoy the service, just read the instructions.

    The connection we provide is different from your connection at home.

    • Connectivity: Wi-Fi service availability is subject to technical and geographical conditions and limits. Connection failures can therefore occur, for example when crossing through tunnels or areas where the signal is weak.
    • Speed: In order to allow as many passengers as possible to connect at the same time, we have optimised the bandwidth use, and do not authorise downloading or access to streaming sites such as YouTube, Dailymotion or Skype.

    In spite of its limits, on-board Wi-Fi is a real bonus that allows you to stay connected and enjoy your travel time. We are delighted to be able to offer the service to you.

  • What happens if I report after my OUIBUS coach has left?

    You must purchase a seat on the next bus, subject to availability.

  • What identity documents do I need to present when travelling by OUIBUS?

    You are advised to find out the ID requirements with the relevant authorities in your country of destination or alternatively, on the Europe web portal.

    As a guide, the list of documents you must show the driver prior to boarding your OUIBUS differs depending on your circumstances.

    There are 3 scenarios for adult travellers:

    • You are a citizen of a country located in the Schengen Area: you should carry a valid government-issued photo identity document (ID card or passport).
    • You are not a citizen of a European country located in the Schengen Area, but you are travelling within this area: you should carry a valid ID card or passport plus the visa permitting your entry into the Schengen area or, where appropriate, your residence permit.
    • You are not a citizen of a European country located in the Schengen area and you wish to travel outside of this area (for example, to London): you must possess a visa in addition to your identity card or passport.


    For under 18s, legislation differs by country, so be sure to seek advice before travelling.  Please note that OUIBUS has a child protection policy which means that children under the age of 16 are not allowed to travel unaccompanied. Children under the age of 16 must travel with a family member who possesses the same surname (except in cases where an adult is taking care of a child as a result of a court ruling, in which case, they will be asked to show an official family record book).


    Useful information

    The Schengen Area: it is an area covering 26 European countries, inside which persons may travel freely without internal border controls.

    The United Kingdom does not form part of the Schengen Area.

    OUIBUS journeys that depart from and arrive in Great Britain are subject to identity checks by the local authorities.

  • What is the ‘boarding welcome’?

    This is when OUIBUS staff welcome all passengers before your OUIBUS coach leaves.

  • What type of luggage can I place in the hold with OUIBUS?

    All items of luggage must meet the following specifications (with the exception of pushchairs):

    • Dimensions: the sum of the 3 measurements (length + width + depth) of your luggage must not exceed 150 cm
    • Weight: maximum 16 kg
    • Labels: all luggage must be labelled (surname, first name and full address of the passenger).

    Cumbersome items of luggage will not be accepted on board. Pushchairs are classified as luggage to be placed in the hold.


    The following are forbidden on your OUIBUS coach (on board and in the hold)

    • animals (with the exception of guide dogs accompanying a blind person or a visually impaired person);
    • drugs;
    • weapons;
    • combustible fuel;
    • batteries with electrolyte;
    • fireworks, bangers, distress signals, imitation guns, firelighters, tear gas;
    • camping stoves, gas bottles, scuba diving bottles, paint, varnish;
    • toxic materials, contagious materials, radioactive materials, chemical products, fertilisers, weed killer, pesticide, insecticide, paint stripper, bleach, chlorine, washing powder;
    • inflammable liquids (petrol, thinner, solvent, acetone). -

    If you would you like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact your OUIBUS steward with any queries.

  • Where are the OUIBUS coach stations located?

    All the OUIBUS coach stations are located close to city centres and are easily accessible by public transport.

    View list of stations.

  • Which travel documents do I need?

    To find out which documents you need for crossing the border, please consult the website of the EU. Passengers travelling within the Schengen zone are not usually required to disembark the OUIBUS coach for an identity check at the border. Border police on both sides carry out standard passenger checks when crossing the border to England. Therefore, you will have to get off the bus therefore before crossing the Channel. The procedure only takes a few minutes.

  • Will there be enough room in the hold for my luggage?

    All OUIBUS coaches have lots of room for luggage. Certain rules that apply to all passengers mean that there is guaranteed room in the hold for your luggage, even if you are the last to board your OUIBUS coach.

    All items of luggage must meet the following specifications (with the exception of pushchairs):

    • Dimensions: the sum of the 3 measurements (length + width + depth) of your luggage must not exceed 150 cm
    • Weight: maximum 16 kg
    • Labels: all luggage must be labelled (surname, first name and full address of the passenger).

    For each reservation, you may have one piece of hold luggage free of charge. A 2nd item of luggage may be put in the hold if there is sufficient room. To make sure that you will be able to, remember to reserve your "2nd bag guarantee" when reserving your trip. This is a paid-for service. You can do this up to 30 min before your OUIBUS coach leaves.

    Hand luggage

    You can also take one handbag on your OUIBUS coach as well as a small rucksack (maximum size: 40 x 30 x 15 cm). These can be stored in the luggage rack above your seat or them beneath the seat in front of you.