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131 Boulevard de Turin, 59777 Lille, France
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From one north to another, OUIBUS takes you over the border into France, from Bruges to Lille: the other capital of Flanders. After sampling the specialities of Lille - beer and waffles -it’s time to climb the belfry of the Hotel de Ville. At 104 metres it’s significantly taller than the belfry in Bruges (which stands 83 metres tall)!

To catch your breath after this mammoth climb, head to the gardens of the Vauban citadel. Next, soak up some culture at the Palace of Fine Arts and the old Stock Exchange, an architectural masterpiece that was built in 1624. Its interior arcades now house antique booksellers’ stalls, and in summer the courtyard becomes a stage for dance performances.

In September, the whole city is bursting with bargains to be had at the Grand Braderie, the largest flea market in France.