With OUIBUS, you can travel without having to cut yourself short. You can take one item of hand luggage and put one item of luggage per person into the hold. Still not enough luggage? The OUIBUS ‘guaranteed 2nd item of luggage’ service offers you the possibility of putting a 2nd item of luggage in the hold subject to an additional charge and depending on availability.

Luggage in the hold

For each reservation, you may have one piece of hold luggage free of charge.

All luggage put into the hold must meet the following specifications (with the exception of pushchairs):

  • Dimensions: the sum of the 3 measurements (length + width + depth) of your luggage must not exceed 150 cm
  • Weight: maximum 16 kilos
  • Labels : all luggage must be labelled (surname, first name and full address of the passenger).

Your captain and the OUIBUS stewards will help you put your luggage in the hold.

Guaranteed 2nd item of luggage in the hold

You want to check in a 2nd item of luggage? This paid service is offered subject to space availability. To make sure that you will be able to, remember to reserve your "2nd bag guarantee" when reserving your trip. This is a paid-for service.

Hand luggage

OUIBUS allows you to take one handbag and a small rucksack on board. You can store them in the luggage rack above your seat or you can keep them beneath your seat.

The following are forbidden in your OUIBUS (on board and in the hold)

  • animals (with the exception of guide dogs accompanying a blind person or a visually impaired person);
  • drugs;
  • weapons;
  • combustible fuel;
  • batteries with electrolyte;
  • fireworks, bangers, distress signals, imitation guns, firelighters, tear gas ;
  • camping stoves, gas bottles, scuba diving bottles, paint, varnish;
  • toxic materials, contagious materials, radioactive materials, chemical products, fertilisers, weed killer, pesticide, insecticide, paint stripper, bleach, chlorine, washing powder ;
  • inflammable liquids (petrol, thinner, solvent, acetone). 

 Useful information

To be sure you can take a 2nd item of luggage on board, opt for the guaranteed 2nd item of luggage when you reserve.