Identity card

With OUIBUS, you do not need a ticket to travel, just a valid form of identification. This also applies to national journeys.

Before leaving, don’t forget to take:

  • Your identity card or your passport if you live within the Schengen Area.
  • Your identity card or your passport as well as a visa or a residence permit if you do not live in the Schengen Area.

These documents are necessary in order to validate your reservation before boarding your OUIBUS. You will also be asked to present them at the border crossings.

You are not sure if your identity card entitles you to travel by OUIBUS? Click here for further details.

You may also find information about the regulatory requirements to be complied with with regard to the competent authorities in your country of destination, or on the Europe portal.


Useful information

The United Kingdom does not form part of the Schengen Area.

OUIBUS journeys that depart from and arrive in Great Britain are subject to identity checks by the local authorities.