1.1 SNCF-C6 is a simplified joint-stock company (SASU), with a share capital of 64.500.000 €, headquartered in SNCF-C6 - 38 rue de Seine - 94400 Vitry-sur-Seine (France), registered with the register of companies under the number 519 037 147 (herein after referred to as « OUIBUS») which is authorised to operate international regular transport of passengers by bus via the website (herein after referred to as the « Website »).

1.2 All personal data collected by OUIBUS (herein after referred to as « Personal data») are processed in compliance with the European and French regulations applicable to the protection of personal data in particular with the Law number 78-017 of 6 January 1978 concerning computers, files and liberties (herein after referred to as the « French Data protection Act »). The processing of Personal data is registered with the CNIL (French Data protection authority) under the number n°1593987.

1.3 You are invited to read carefully the present Privacy Policy (herein after referred to as the « Policy »).


2.1 This privacy policy explains OUIBUS’ data processing practices and how OUIBUS uses any visitor information or Personal data.

2.2 The Policy applies to all services provided by OUIBUS via the Website. The Policy does not apply to the websites of our partners (herein after referred to as « Partners ») accessible from our Website via hyperlinks.


3.1 When you visit the Website, we may collect information (Personal data included) in several ways :

3.1.1 Data provided by the users. We collect data that you provide via the Website in order to allow us and our Partners to proceed and fulfil your orders.

3.1.2 Data collected via technological tools. When you visit the Website, our computer systems may collect passive data such as the IP (Internet Protocol) address or the browser type. We also use cookies in order to make the visit to our Website attractive and facilitate the use of specific functions.


4.1 The personal data that we collect is used to process the execution and follow-up of your bookings. In addition, the personal data collected is used to improve our services and let us know your interests with regard to the functionalities, the performances and the support of our services.

4.2 We inform you that the Personal data provided with the order may be transmitted, if the regulatory framework so requires, to the authorities of the country of destination.

4.3 We may use the Personal data collected ourselves or via several supports for the purposes of promotional, commercial or information communications. In this context, in order to ensure a better use of the Website and to keep you informed about our news and our best offers, we may offer our newsletters for free. Unless you notify your objection, if you buy OUIBUS tickets via the Website, we are entitled to send you via e-mail information regarding the use of the Website and our promotional offers.

4.4 In addition, we may use the Personal data collected to carry out studies aimed at improving our services.

4.5 We may disclose your Personal data if necessary in order to (a) respect the applicable laws or satisfy a Court order or injunction; or to (b) protect and defend our rights and the rights of the Users of the Website.

4.6 We may disclose your Personal data to our direct e-mail marketing providers, in the event you choose to receive our promotional communications. In any case, we make reasonable efforts to the extent within our control to ensure that the concerned companies respect the Policy. We prohibit the mentioned companies to use your Personal data for purposes other than to provide the products and/or services specifically requested by OUIBUS.

4.7 We may anonymize your Personal data by removing the personally identifiable information such as the name and e-mail address and then aggregate data for market research purpose. We may further disclose such anonymized information to third parties.

4.8 Except as otherwise provided in the present section, we undertake not to transfer your Personal data to third parties without your approval.


5.1 You have the right to oppose to the processing of your Personal data and to the use of said data for the purposes of prospection, in particular of commercial nature. This right may be exercised by sending a letter to OUIBUS Customer service located at SNCF-C6 - 38 rue de Seine - 94400 Vitry-sur-Seine (France) or by filling our electronic form in the « Help » section of the Website (subsection « Contact us »).

5.2 To unsubscribe from our newsletters you may click on the “unsubscribe” link situated at the bottom of all our newsletters. The unsubscribe requests are taken into account only if you further receive a confirmation message. In the event you do not receive the confirmation message, you may exercise the right to oppose as described in article 6.1 of the Policy.


6.1 You have the right to access, to modify, to rectify and to remove your Personal data which may be exercised by sending a letter to OUIBUS Customer service located at SNCF-C6 - 38 rue de Seine - 94400 Vitry-sur-Seine (France) or by filling our electronic form in the « Help » section of the Website (subsection « Contact us »).

6.2 Before replying to a request of modification, rectification or removal of your Personal data, we may invite you to identify yourself.


7.1 A cookie is a piece of data stored on your hard drive containing information about you. The purpose of the cookies is to improve the access to the Website. Cookies may be used to personalize the Website according to your preferences. Cookies also allow the analysis of the use of the Website.

7.2 You may refuse to install cookies following the procedures as described below which vary according to the browser used:

  • If you surf on Internet with Internet Explorer browser, follow the steps from this procedure
  • If you surf on Internet with Mozilla Firefox browser, follow the steps from this procedure
  • If you surf on Internet with Google Chrome browser, follow the steps from this procedure
  • If you surf on Internet with Safari browser, follow the steps from this procedure

7.3 According to the Data protection Act your consent is not necessary for the installation of cookies which have as sole purpose to facilitate the electronic communication or which are strictly necessary to the provision of online services at your express request (session cookies).

7.4 For other cookies, your consent or your refusal is provided via the settings of your browser or via the configuration of any other technical mean dealt via the Website and allowing us to manage your navigation on the Website.

7.5 We inform you that disabling cookies may be detrimental to the optimum navigation and to the functionalities of the Website.

7.6 You can always delete the accepted cookies. In the event you wish to delete cookies, the parameters and the preferences which are controlled by the concerned cookies will be also deleted.


8.1 In order to ensure the security of the Personal data collected we have implemented a programme for the safety of information stored in our systems. Furthermore, our IT systems dispose of a data encrypting tool and of a data protection device.