The small gestures that make all the difference

With a wide range of facilities designed to enhance your comfort and the free on-board services on your OUIBUS, you will discover a love for long-distance coach travel.

Fewer seats for more space. That’s the magic formula of OUIBUS. With at least 84 cm between each row of seats tall people and parents with small children on their laps will not feel hemmed in.

OUIBUS believes that each passenger is unique. Your seat is covered in fabric and your head rest is in leather. Your seat has several different positions so that you can adjust it until you find your ideal position. You can even create space between you and your neighbour, change the angle of your back rest, adjust your foot rest and arm rest, etc. And if you like reading while travelling, we have installed an individual adjustable reading table and lamp for your total comfort. You can also adjust the direction of your individual ventilation or close it completely.

OUIBUS also believes that comfort is about on-board services:

  • WiFi
    Smartphone, tablet, laptop computer, etc. You can surf the net free of charge thanks to your OUIBUS WiFi connection. So that you can look up information about your destination, consult your emails, post comments about your journey on Facebook, etc.
  • Electrical sockets
    Playing games, listening to music, watching a film, surfing the net or working without worrying about your battery getting low? No problem. Each row of seats in your OUIBUS coach has a 220V electrical socket. You can plug in your electronic equipment and use them and still have a full battery for the next stage of your journey.
  • Information in real time
    TV screens allow you to follow your journey in real time. They provide information on:
    • Details of your itinerary (routes taken, towns crossed, position in real time, etc.);
    • The time remaining until the next stop and until you reach your destination;
    • Services available in OUIBUS coach stations;

    Take advantage of this service to plan the next stage of your journey or to confirm you arrival time to your friends and family for instance.