Rediscover coach travel

OUIBUS has revolutionised long-distance coach travel thanks to its latest generation coaches. Our goal: to enable passengers to travel in total serenity.

The current OUIBUS fleet has a wide range of innovative features including mechanical aspects as well as your on-board services.


Our latest-generation fleet has all the safety facilities such as lane departure warning or cruise control. To guarantee total comfort and safety during your journey, your OUIBUS is also equipped with :

  • Wind mirror enabling the captain to monitor the boarding and disembarkation of passengers;
  • Reverse camera and sensor;
  • 3-point safety belt for each seat.

OUIBUS coaches only have two axles. This layout not only provides for more space in the luggage hold but also reduces the cost of maintenance on the vehicle and therefore the price of your reservation. The extra comfort this provides is indisputable.

On-board services

OUIBUS coaches all have WiFi and 220V-100W electrical sockets. They also have a revolutionary system for monitoring the progress of your coach in real time via a GPS system linked to the OUIBUS control tower. Information is communicated on TV screens throughout the coach so that you can pinpoint the position of your coach at any point in time, calculate the time between stops and the time until you reach your destination so that you can pass on any important practical information.

The entire fleet is leased. This formula enables us to renew the fleet at regular intervals, so that we are always able to benefit from the latest technological innovations.