Ensuring your journey is a time of tranquil relaxation

OUIBUS has done everything to simplify your life and enable you to concentrate on a very simple activity: relaxing.

Preparing your journey

OUIBUS provides you with useful information for preparing your journey under the heading "Journey and services". Your travel documentation sent to you by email, includes the main practical details about your reservation, the services in the coach station and a map along with connections with public transport.

Before your departure

Information screens in the stations indicate the place and time of departure of your OUIBUS coach as well as the length of your journey. Questions? Our stewards will answer with a smile.

Access on board

Your OUIBUS captain will check your form of identification to avoid any unfortunate surprises during the course of the trip. Access on board is an unhurried affair: your numbered seat is reserved exclusively for you.


All the OUIBUS stops are planned to ensure both your comfort and your desire to arrive at your destination rapidly. The motorway services selected by OUIBUS are pleasant and provide a range of services.

Monitoring service

A dedicated team monitors the OUIBUS coaches’ progress 24/7. It assists captains in real time.

Assistance in the event of a problem

A helpline: You can call the 24/7 emergency phone number in the event of a problem.