Exchange or cancel your ticket

We all change our minds sometimes

You can change your mind in just three clicks from our website or app. That calls for a celebration, right?

Where tickets are exchanged, the departure and arrival points must stay the same. If the new booking price is higher than the original price, you will be asked to pay the difference. If the new amount is lower, however, you’ll receive a refund in the form of a Ouibus credit voucher.

Where tickets are cancelled, repayment will be made in the form of a OUIBUS credit voucher.

Now you’ve no reason not to book!

A fee of €5 per passenger applies for all transactions carried out at our ticket offices and there is a €10 fee for transactions made via our customer services department. These conditions are only for bookings for 1-9 passengers. You can only change the name on your booking by cancelling and repurchasing your Ouibus ticket.