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Arriving by Ouibus into Clermont-Ferrand you will be awestruck by the glorious countryside that surrounds this city in the Central region of France. The city is guarded by a chain of 80 volcanos, a pretty impressive sight. Towering over Clermont-Ferrand is the majestic 13th century Gothic Cathedral of Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption. It’s built with volcanic stone, giving it its striking jet black colour. If you are intrigued by the geological story of this area and its volcanoes, which thankfully have been dormant for over 7,000 years, you can find out more at Vulcania, a theme park that lies 15 kilometres from the centre of town. Clermont-Ferrand boasts an amazing number of arts, theatre and music festivals, including the famous Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, Europavox, Jazz en Tête and many more. Rugby is an important part of life here, and if you’re here during a match, you’ll find the city filled with revellers in blue and yellow, the colours of the local team, gathering in bars and in the Place de Jaude. This square is the focal point of city life, and is a great place for a wander, or to sit and watch the world go by. There’s an equestrian statue of Vercingétorix, by Bartholdi, which celebrates the memory of the victory of the Gauls over the Romans on the Gergovie plateau just outside the city. Clermont-Ferrand is also famous as the home of Michelin. You can learn more about the tyre manufacturer with a visit to the museum, Aventure Michelin.

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