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Things you need to know about Evreux

Visiting Evreux with Ouibus means delving into the heart of history itself. First stop: Notre Dame cathedral, a mix of Romanesque and Gothic art particularly famous for its stained glass windows, including the Madonna and child, a masterpiece of French stained glass. From the old episcopal palace, which is now a museum, head along the banks of the river Iton towards the Tour de l’Horloge, the last Norman belfry still standing. Right in the heart of Evreux, the river has long been its main source of activity. Then, follow the Reine Jeanne canal and come across the Moulin de Navarre, a mill that is still in operation today! The Romans also made the most of the river’s riches. The thermal baths of the ancient city of Gisacum, which are open to the public, are the last remains of a vast set of religious buildings, also home to a sanctuary and a theatre. But the city’s real treasure is hidden! Inside the Saint Taurin abbey, relics from the town’s first bishop are kept in a miniature replica of the abbey itself, made of gold, silver and precious stones… Once you’re ready to come back down to Earth, enjoy a glass of rosé cider (made from red-fleshed apples) on a terrace outside or take a walk along the pedestrian path from Evreux to Bec-Hellouin. The path follows the old train tracks and is only open to pedestrians, cyclists or roller-skaters. Perfect for a day out, but you’d still better rely on Ouibus to get you home at the end of your stay!

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