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Things you need to know about Guérande


Give your holiday some flavour, head to Guérande by Ouibus! With its rich and colourful history, Guérande will satisfy those hungry for knowledge. Immerse yourself in Celtic culture: visit the mysterious Sandun dolmen or the menhirs of Bissin, before exploring the medieval city of Guérande, with its fortified complex. It was during the Middle Ages that Guérande enjoyed its Golden Age. Visitors came from far and wide. In celebration of this important period for the town, the Medieval Festival of Guérande takes place each year in May, and brings together over 45,000 people! Also at the root of the town’s history and identity is the famous sel de Guérande, the town’s main export: a high quality, hand-harvested sea salt. This artisan product has been instrumental in the town’s economy over the years. Head to the salt marshes to take a guided tour and learn all about the process. You can take home some fleur de sel (the finest quality product) and some gros sel (coarse grey sea salt), both essential ingredients to flavour all your cooking! You will find this salt used in many of the local dishes, of course. Guérande is stuffed with crêperies and excellent restaurants. Don’t miss the local treat: salted butter caramel, it’s delicious on crêpes or ice cream. Work off your meal with some shopping. Whether your style is vintage or contemporary, you will find Guérande is full of boutiques and artisan workshops: these are sure to have something that will catch your eye. Enjoy a relaxing break and a breath of salty sea air in Guérande before returning home by Ouibus.

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