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Get your Ouibus ticket to Guingamp! In the centre of the town, discover its most famous symbol, the Plomée fountain. Its three parts are decorated with mythological creatures and a depiction of the Virgin, named Mary according to Christians and Ana according to the Celts… Duchess Anne is another important part of the city’s history. She is said to have stayed at the Maison de Guingamp, which you can recognize by its turret overlooking the streets, giving it a castle-like appearance. Only one problem: the house was built over fifty years after the Breton noblewoman’s death… This won’t stop you from admiring its architecture, as well as that of many other timber-framed or granite houses, which showcase the town’s evolution between the 15th and the 18th centuries! The town hall is situated in the ancient monastery of the Augustines Hospitalières, which was built in part with the stones of the Château de Guingamp, a 15th century fortress whose remains are still visible today. While Guigamp’s prison is less famous than the one in Nantes, it is still unique: built in the style of American prisons in the 18th century, it is the only prison of its kind left standing. Best not let yourself get locked up – instead, enjoy one of the many shows and festivals organised by the town to celebrate Breton culture. Treat yourself to a dance lesson where you will learn the “dérobée de Guingamp”: in pairs and out in the open, go through the steps that involve twirling, evading, bowing, etc. And if you don’t feel up to competing against the locals in the Breton wrestling tournament, make sure to catch your Ouibus home on time!

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