Let us drive you

Capitaine Ouibus


Our Ouibus captains will take good care of you from the moment you board to the moment you arrive at your destination.

They’re easy to spot, too :

  • Just look out for their uniforms. You can’t miss them!
  • Enjoy their attentiveness. Our captains are 'people people' who love to make you feel welcome.
  • Relish their smiles. They’re there to help you, so feel free to ask any questions you may have about your journey, your destination or even places to check out when you arrive.

You’re in safe hands with our captains. They always offer service with a smile.

And their very best jokes!

bus ouibus


To guarantee your comfort and security, Ouibus buses are equipped with cutting-edge technology :

  • Air conditioning
  • Extra-wide reclining seats
  • Plug sockets and USB ports
  • Onboard toilets
  • Free, limited Wi-Fi
  • Your captain's friendly smile

And since we like to do things right, our buses meet the strictest environmental standards in force.

Because travelling by bus is more environmentally friendly than going by car! We promise it's true! It’s because:

  • Per passenger fuel consumption is low (9 times less than for a car, 7 times less than with a plane and 3 times less than with a car share)
  • Each passenger takes up less space on the road network
  • It makes use of the existing infrastructure
  • It’s easy to reuse and recycle

Exchange or cancellation

You can change your mind in just three clicks from our website or app. That calls for a celebration, right?

Where tickets are exchanged, the departure and arrival points must stay the same. If the new booking price is higher than the original price, you will be asked to pay the difference. If the new amount is lower, however, you’ll receive a refund in the form of a OUIBUS credit voucher.

Where tickets are cancelled, repayment will be made in the form of a Ouibus credit voucher.

Now you’ve no reason not to book!

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